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B. Tech Victims

B. Tech Victims

They sell their souls and four years of their life on the promise that they will be bestowed some kind of world-changing abilities of technological mastery, only to realize later that they have been trapped, left hanging in a vicious limbo for all eternity with a hollow soul, no discernible skill sets, being unsure of … Continue reading

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Vadakkus is just like you, but in addition to being totally bored and the official spokesperson of the Banana Corporation, Inc. - An evil intergalactic megacorporation conglomerate which is the secret force currently ruling Earth. All the Fails encuntered in daily life IS the Banana Corporation! Vadakkus - Also: Movies | History | Football | Traveler | Observer | Zen Driver | The Internetz | World Citizen | Vat 69 | Yawn | $#@%$&#$#@. To know more about Vadakkus and the Banana Corporation, Inc., Click on the display pic!

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  • @_WellOfCourse @madrasmail Fire, Thanni, I don't give a shit. Let them do whatever they want. | 11 hours ago
  • Watsons Pub bouncers wanted me not to take a pic of their pub. Asshole waiter threatened us despite paying him 50 bucks tip. Fuck you. | 12 hours ago
  • Watsons pub Ulsoor asked not to take a pic of their pub. I still took. And I will put it up on my blog. Let them do whatever they want. | 12 hours ago

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